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We possess energy, knowledge, skills. Every day we are learning and making progress by working hard and with honor. We are dedicated to the business activities and we apply western working methods and principles.

We are all connected by the desire for business success and continuous development, and together we build the success with our users and business partners by being most successful at finding optimal solutions and also be helpful towards the families and society.

Employees of Loging Electronics.





Six steps to get a job:

1. The potential candidate submits a job application

The job application can be submitted the following ways:

  • by filling the electronic form on the website of Loging Electronics;
  • by sending e-mail to: [email protected];
  • by sending mail to: st. Naroden Front 19a/1/6, 1000 Skopje, by emphasizing for employment.

* We recommendthe firstmethod for applying.

If you apply differently your application must contain an application of admission and CV. Alongside these two documents it’s helpful if you submit supporting documents like certificates and a copy of your driver’s license.
We place your job application in our register of applications.

2. Selecting candidates from the received applications

The general manager or the sector manager carefully reviews all received job applications. Based on the applications and CVs the manager selects ten most suitable candidates (it is very important that you have a very good application and CV).

3. We arrange a meeting with the candidate for introduction and further tests

We contact you so that we hold a meeting where we get to know each other and perform several tests. These tests are based on your general knowledge skills, experience and your knowledge of the appropriate workplace (the point is to review your level for the applied workplace). Based on these tests we select 5-6 most suitable candidates with who we arrange talks.

4. Decision

After completing the interviews, you will have a couple of days to think. We expect then to send us a short e-mail with your impressions from the conversation and your decision (It doesn’t matter if you are suitable for us, it is also important if we are suitable for you).

5. Starting your work

If selected for the position, you are appointed with a colleague who will help you fit in and so your work begins (you are registered for one month, this is your first contract).

6. Voting

After one month, the manager asks the colleagues of the sector one question “Does the new colleague increase the salary of the others in the sector?” If there are more answers with “yes” your new contract will be in a period of three months. After three months the manager asks the same question, if there are more answers with “yes”, you are appointed indefinitely.

*As you can see, your colleagues make that decision not the manager of head of sector. We think that it is fair towards you and your colleagues that you work with. Tomorrow you will be on the voting side and you will be glad to be working alongside someone who is worth it and not someone who was inserted by your manager or head of sector.

Fill out an application now!





It would be inaccurate if we restrict with a state that we just need one type of people and also filtered by us. We appreciate the differences and the freedom of personality, because it enriches us as individuals. The differences are basis for improvement of the people and finding constructive solutions, but there are certain features that we expect to meet in every one of us in Loging Electronics:

  • To be capable to bring to question what you have learned;;
  • To know how to accept criticism;
  • To be capable of constructive talk about problems and conflicts;
  • To be capable of giving proposition if you criticize;
  • It would be good if in failure you are aware of the lesson and experience. It is a best way to improve in every field;
  • Don’t make the same mistake more than twice;
  • To have a professional approach to work commitments;
  • Respect the deadlines for your work;
  • Do not have rejection or laziness towards continuous learning;
  • Knowing English language as a part of our everyday life;
  • Respect your colleagues;
  • To know how to find happiness in your work, otherwise you better let us know;
  • You should be free of prejudice;
  • The intolerant people have no place in Loging Electronics. We have no understanding for prejudices concerning race, nationality, sexual orientation, physical appearance, political orientation;



Our experience tells us that the lack of information is something that is regular in your applications, features of the typified CVs. You won’t have any advantages with them in selecting the ten most suitable candidates. Our suggestions, examples:

  • Education, it’s not the same if you had an A in this or that subject and we don’t need a whole list, just stick to the subjects that are related to your application. Give us an information about the subject that you liked the most and why, which professor left an impression. This information will help you for your employment. Leave contact info from the professor, e-mail, phone number so that we can directly inquire for you. You should specify your average score.
  • Language, it is weird how nowadays you can finish your education but your knowledge of English language is so low that if you need to translate something you use Google Translate. Honestly we don’t need you to use Google Translate, we need you to use your knowledge while translating and only using a dictionary at hand. Give us an information about the speed usage, ex. You can speak fluently, have difficulties while your grammar is excellent or you have a small selection of words… Surely we will find out your level of English knowledge but we suggest you be honest so that we save time, I don’t think that we will allow a bad text to be published. If you have other qualities you can compensate for not knowing the language. 
  • If you mention operating system of a computer (ex. Windows) specify what is your knowledge, (installation, network configuration, installation of a printer…), write everything that comes to mind.
  • If you mention MS Office, write down which programs you know how to use. For ex: MS Word: opening a document, placing margins, printing, inserting picture, creating a table, inserting Header/Footer, paragraph settings…; MS Office: inserting rows/columns, side margins, conditional formatting, working with formulas, charts, data filtering…; the same with the rest programs.
  • If you mention “web designer, developer…”, please specify which area have you worked on (a list is required), what is your exact knowledge, on what functionality have you worked, and please tell the difference between the terms you use like “expert in” and “basic knowing”. If you have worked on a website give us a link of the module that you had worked on and give us details about the algorithm, functionality…
  • If you repaired of have developed some device, be very precise in the process and access that you have within you.
  • If you are a team player, it’s just a word, give us an example of where you had applied that from your perspective, even better if there is someone who can confirm that.
  • Don’t avoid the details about yourself, your hobbies, wishes, they say a lot about you, which quite frankly can be decisive.

The purpose of this additional information is when the candidate will begin to work in Loging Electronics to be happier in the surrounding and workplace for which he applied and was chosen. If some information is hidden from your side or the manager forgot to ask you, we can assure you they will be exposed. Just then we and you will be at the beginning, and time will pass, which is not the purpose of this process. Ask yourself this, who would you have an interview with: a candidate with typified application or a candidate that will give an entire detailed description of himself?

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