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Professional Seminar - Advanced Technologies for Monitoring and Solutions to improve PQ

, 8/31/2022 1:45:01 PM

Advanced Technologies for Monitoring and
Solutions to improve PQ

2022 edition

-Free professional seminar-

Purpose of the event

Updating the problematic topic in our country and the region, as one of the basic features of modern electricity systems.

The new, innovative and most subtle approach to the quality of electricity through the most technologically advanced and most powerful solutions in the world in general will be presented and supplemented.


Method of implementation

And this year's edition of lecturers/exhibitors will be narrowly specialized technical persons in the Monitoring section and the Solutions section from the manufacturer ELSPEC from Israel, with many years of experience from the problem on a global scale.

By providing first-hand information, the imperative is to transfer knowledge in the most efficient manner, as is required for a sophisticated technology.
The seminar will be one day long and will cover the following two aspects:


1. Monitoring the quality of electric energy


  • Novelties in the field: review of standards, measurement technique.


  • The challenges of performing KEE monitoring and analysis in power grids


  • The patented PQZIP concept – a technological breakthrough that allows uncompromising access to all network parameters recorded in ultra-high resolution


  • Monitoring with analyzers from the Blackbox series that record "ABOVE" the electricity quality standard


  • System SCADA solutions for visualization and quality monitoring, with high resolution based on PQZIP


  • The latest technology to come... introducing the new generation of PURE Blackbox analyzers
  • Multipurpose fault recorders (DFR) as complete solutions for network monitoring, fault detection and localization


2.Solutions for improving the quality of electric energy

  • What's new in EQUALIZER and ACTIVAR the fastest and most advanced reactive energy compensation systems. Overview of possibilities and technical characteristics, use.


  • A solution to reduce the peak load using the sophisticated EQUALIZER ST systems


  • Solutions for superfast medium voltage reactance compensation


  • Solutions to eliminate/reduce short-term voltage spikes


  • Display of simulation of the energy system, before and after implementation of the solution



The two sessions of the seminar will be further enriched by the presentation of reference projects of the manufacturer ELSPEC from all over the world, while the focus will remain on the realized benefit (predicted/simulated and actually obtained).


The seminar will also have an exhibition character, where it will be possible to:

- viewed models from all series of Blackbox analyzers (mobile and portable devices),
- to see the results of actual recordings, analyze and discuss.

For whom the seminar is intended

  • Active stakeholders in the electricity industry: production, transmission and distribution


  • Universities, faculties and other development research institutions in the field of energy


  • Engineering companies in the field of energy


  • Large companies with significant energy impact in distribution networks


  • Companies whose important and critical production processes are closely correlated with the quality of electricity


Your benefits:

  • improving your knowledge directly from the Brand for cutting-edge technology and power quality solutions


  • recognition and evaluation of the results of a performed analysis of electricity quality with the most advanced analyzers (BlackBoxHandsOn)


  • insights into the advantages of superfast compensation systems over classical ones in dynamically changing applications


  • what should be the modern engineering approach when designing solutions to improve the quality of electricity:

• analysis of recorded parameters, perception of a solution for the application
• simulation of the system before and after the implementation of the solution
• savings guarantee included


What questions are answered?

  • How to resolve the situation for:

(required!) A complete picture of quality?
(problem!) the higher the sampling resolution at all sizes
(problem!) huge memory to store the data
(problem!) how to manage stored information?

  • How fault recorders work in energy networks (DFR – DigitalFaultRecorder)
  • How does averaging the recorded sizes affect the evaluation and required reports
  • Where do classic dynamic compensations backfire?
  • How does superfast compensation work for on/off times less than one period (=3/4 period)?
  • What is required to properly design a system to eliminate reactive power and peak power?
  • How to check the proposed solution before it is even delivered?


When is the opportunity for implementation open and how to apply?

  • It will be one day seminar, with materials provided for each participant
  • The event will take place at Hotel Panoramika
  • Date:27.09.2022 
  • Link for registration
  • contact: [email protected], tel. 02 3127 345 ext. 4
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