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Power Quality

Skopje, 8/17/2015 4:24:29 PM

New solutions for monitoring and improving the quality of electricity, included a guarantee of savings

ELSPEC - Brand-art technology and innovative solutions to the most subtle and most complex applications

   Preciousness of energy and the need for her optimization in everyday life is more common topic of thinking in the society. LOGING Electronics as a company follows this issue for many years, constantly learn new solutions in order to monitor and improve the quality of electricity to make readily available to our companies.

Our latest experience Energy Management Systems (EnMS) and saving electricity, we supplemented in Israel.

Through 7 day trip to the company Elspec and professionally executed training of our three-member team by specialized experts, we verify the latest sophisticated solutions that this company has to monitor and improve the quality of electricity.

ВLeading technology, speed and manner of implementation of the decision is unique and is the only option in many applications. To top things is the possibility of guarantee included saving electricity in the proposed resolution. This only confirms the decision of many companies worldwide in the choice of Elspec, through saving and improving the quality of electricity soon to reach a competitive product.

ELSPEC technology is segmented into 2 large groups that together make a whole:

  1. Equipment for monitoring of electricity quality "BLACKBOX".It works on the principle of "recordable", which allows "view" behind and already existence standard electricity EN50160. Why is this important respect? The standard is always looking any information whether the parameters of electricity in a given time interval under some mediocre AVG values, everything above or below does not care. In reality, you can have electricity that meets the standard EN50160, and still have problems. Pictorial example is a man whose feet are cold, and his head hot, his AVG average temperature is great, but he himself will not be ok. This concept is made possible by using sophisticated algorithms in software BLACKBOX which allows the relatively small memory to record "everything" for a period of 1 year. Then, whether you are doing the analysis in accordance with the standard or sub-standard is according to need, simply to "zoom" to access the depth resolution until you see the problem. In this segment the equipment is "Unlimited".
  2. Equipment for improvement of power quality "EQUALIZER and ACTIVAR";. The equipment has the basic functionalities which are then reengineered according to the specifics of each application; this new solution is tailor-made for each application. The decision for the final solution is made based on the analysis of the results of "BLACKBOX”.
    The results, resulting in solution:
    1. Compensation:
      In contrast to conventional systems, this compensation reacts 2/3 of cycle/period (starting and ending), with classic systems is necessary 3-step cycles. If more steps are needed then you have x-steps after 3 cycles for inclusion, but also 3 cycles for disconnect, see Figure 3. So, the need for compensation would disappear, and classical compensation will still be active, i.e. will appear pre compensation, and thus the possibility of flicker. With all this senseless to use the classic compensation applications with rapid changes in voltage and instead of improving, the situation will deteriorate.
      Benefits of proper compensation:
      • - Eliminating reactive power
        o No bills for reactive energy;
        o If of the inlet transformer were reactive energy compensation, now will free up space for new active customers, which by itself is saving. Otherwise, if you are new customers and the transformer is fully used: active + reactive energy, will need investment in new transformer, and thus durable and additional monthly cost for electricity.
      • - Eliminate problems with other equipment in the company (under voltage surge, instability, defects ...)
      • - Care for the environment, does not pollute the external electricity to other consumers, the sensitivity of their equipment when voltage is bad, everyone knows.
      From all this it is apparent that proper compensation in essentially is saving.
    2. Saving:
      After an analysis for compensation required to make additional analyzes of these measurements from this arose solution for saving guarantee for the same. In this case we ensure that the proposed solution will make saving as much as will be stated in the offer.
    Conclusion: Benefits and procedure for submission of solution:>
       > Request:  
    Procedure: Compensation Saving Obligations of the company
    1 Questionnaire for basic information about electricity consumption and the type of consumer *   />
    Questionnaire for eligible consumer   * /
    2 Recording (time): 1÷7 days 1÷7 days free of charge
    3 Analysis with a draft decision on compensation * * free of charge
    4 Analysis with a draft decision on austerity   * 500÷1000eur

    *Analyses are done in collaboration with specialized experts from Elspec, which as a final product solution that gets Loging Electronics guaranteed, especially important is the guarantee for savings in the company.   

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