Zener Diode 0.4W

0.4W 39V
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MFR Part No: ZD 0.5W 39V
Zener Diode, 39V, 0.4W, DO-35
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A Zener diode is a diode which allows current to flow in the forward direction in the same manner as an ideal diode, but will also permit it to flow in the reverse direction when the voltage is above a certain value known as the breakdown voltage or "zener voltage".

Zener diodes are widely used as voltage references and as shunt regulators to regulate the voltage across small circuits. When connected in parallel with a variable voltage source so that it is reverse biased, a zener diode conducts when the voltage reaches the diode's reverse breakdown voltage. From that point on, the relatively low impedance of the diode keeps the voltage across the diode at that value.

Breakdown voltage 39 V
Max. power dissipation
0.4 W
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