MikroMedia for STM32 M4

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MFR Part No: MIKROE-1102

MikroMedia for STM32 M4 Development Board, STM32F407VGT6, 320 x 240 TFT

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Mikromedia for STM32 M4 is a compact high-quality multimedia development platform for STM32F407VGT6 device. It has numerous on-board modules, that allow you to write multimedia applications. This board can be used for both development or as a final product.

Mikromedia for STM32 M4 is fully supported by mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers for ARM. Compilers come with dozens of examples that demostrate every feature of the board.

On-board STM32 microcontroller is preprogrammed with fast USB HID bootloader, so it’s ready to work right out of the box. You don’t have to spend a dollar more on programmers. For those who need it, board can also be programmed and debugged using mikroProg™ for STM32 debugger.


Multimedia modules - It sings and dances!
- Large 320x240 TFT Color Display with Touch Screen, Stereo MP3 Codec and Accelerometer give you true power to build full multimedial applications.
It’s really compact - It fits in your pocket!
- Board is carefully designed and is very compact and handy. We have used the highest quality components and 4-layer PCB to achieve maximum efficiency.
Battery charger on board - Just plug-in the USB cable!
- Charge your batteries directly from USB port. No additional electronics, or expensive adapters. Just plug-in the cable, and this little board will handle the rest.
Many more megabytes - Enough storage!
- You can save pictures, sounds and other media files on microSD memory card and use it in your application.



  • TFT with Touch Panel - 320x240 TFT Color Display with Touch Panel can display vivid and clear color images or advanced graphic content
  • Frontal Reset Button - If you place battery shield or integrate your board so that only front TFT is accessible, this reset button can be very handy
  • miniUSB connector - Microcontroller with USB support, allows you to communicate with a PC or other USB devices using USB connection
  • Battery Connector - Li-Polymer battery connector allows you easier connection with your battery. Autonomous power supply will give your mikromedia the wings it deserves
  • Battery Charger - MCP73832 Battery Charger circuit enables you to charge your Li-Polymer battery directly from USB port.
  • Audio Connector - Plug-in your headphones and listen to audio output from mp3 decoder circuit
  • RTCC Crystal Oscillator - Board contains 32.768kHz Crystal oscillator (X1) which provides external clock for internal RTCC module
  • Stereo Audio codec - VS1053 MPEG audio decoder with SPI interface for fast reproduction of Ogg Vorbis / MP3 / AAC / WMA / FLAC / MIDI audio files.
  • STM32F407VGT6 - 168MHz (Cortex-M4) operation; 0-wait states execution from 1Mbyte Flash memory, 128kbytes of RAM, low power, rich peripherals, you name it!
  • Reset Button - High quality reset button with surrounding reset circuitry ensures stable reset operation
  • Connection Pads - Every unsused microcontroller pin is available through connection pads. They can be used to connect your mikromedia board with additional shields or accessory boards
  • Accelerometer - On-board ADXL345 Digital Accelerometer allows you to measure acceleration
  • Serial Flash Memory - Store up to 8 Mbit of data in EN25F80 Serial Flash Memory with 25MHz SPI Bus Interface. It suports over 100,000 Erase/Program Cycles per Sector and has over 20 Year Data Retention.
  • microSD card slot - microSD Card slot allows you to store large ammounts of data externally on microSD card using fast SPI communication
  • mikroProg connector - Pads for connecting and programming the board with mikroProg for STM32 external programmer
  • Power LED - We have added power indicator LED, so you can be sure whether your board has stable power supply
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