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Makstil AD, Skopje

Skopje, 6/27/2022 11:36:27 AM


Project Information


System for wireless communication with four cranes, data activation from system for measuring weight on three scales with the cranes



Project Manager:

Dragan Mijalkovski


Metal Industry

Project Description:

The solution aims to introduce wireless communication with four scrap metal loading cranes in the Steel plant, visual display in the cranes of the contents and measured weight from weighing scales and interaction of the crane operators with the operator of the production process in real time.

The technical solution includes 3 parts:
- industrial wireless communication of four cranes in an outdoor environment, subject to changing electromagnetic fields from an electro-arc furnace

- system for collecting the data on the weight of old (scrap) metal from three scales

- software module for visual representation of content and weight by crane operators, interaction between crane operators and the production operator from the operating cabin in real time

The technical solution provides information from the operator to the crane operators for the required weight and the type of the old (scraped) metal which they need to fill it in the trash of the scale, as well as the information for the crane operators with the current content and the can’s weight which is filled at the moment.


Installed Equipment

• The system is based on equipment destined for work in industry with extremely hard conditions, including variable electromagnetic fields.

• The wireless network is made with sophisticated equipment with IP68 protection and "Dual radio" industrial technology that works on 2 independent channels. This technology ensures communication even in the most difficult working conditions, if due to interference one link goes down, the other one continues to work and transfer data. The devices are intended for smooth operation in outdoor conditions: exposure to the sun, water, dust, magnetic dust, temperature oscillations, vibrations.

• The industrial computers intended for use in cranes have a 12" diagonal display, sensitive to touch, in "Heavy Duty" performance, made of a metal case intended for work in conditions of high dust, temperature changes and tested for vibrations up to 2G

• The industrial computer leaves opportunities for installing and finishing in additional software functionalities and auxiliary development according to the needs of Makstil.

• Autonomy in the power supply of the wireless network and computers in the cranes for a duration of 10 minutes, protection against system instability during short-term interruptions in the power supply and from surges.

• Real-time communication in with all the necessary information in one place.


Benefits of the project

Transparent and fast communication between the production operator and the crane operators, thereby reducing the possibility of errors, collecting key data in one software module from which ongoing quality control can be carried out, process optimization, saving time and human resources, increasing the efficiency of the production process.

The project has implemented prerequisites for automation and optimization of production processes in the plant.

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