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Joyson Safety System, Kichevo

Kichevo, 2/7/2022 4:39:13 PM

Project Information


Electricity consumption monitoring system


Joyson Safety Systems Macedonia

Project Manager:

Branko Jolevski


Car industry

Application type:

System solution for monitoring electricity consumption

Project Description:

Joyson Safety Systems is a global leader in motion safety, providing critical safety components, systems and technology to the automotive industry.

Their production unit in Macedonia is located in the development zone in Kicevo and for the needs of the Company, a system solution for monitoring consumption has been installed.

The scope of the metering points completes a whole that will give the Company the opportunity to identify significant consumers, their impact on total consumption, and then to introduce specific savings measures.

The measuring instruments first cover the supply points on the low side of the power transformers.

The new modular device UMG801 is used to measure individual divorces, which is an advanced and upgraded dual-purpose platform: both for applications for measuring consumption, but also for advanced analysis of electricity quality.

The GridVis Professional software application provides the company's basic need for automatic synchronization with metering devices, visualization of consumption processes and generation of reports according to the needs of the Company.

Types of measuring devices

Janitza UMG801

Multichannel, modular gauge of network parameters

Janitza 800-CT8-A

Expansion module for UMG801

Janitza UMG96RM-Е

Three-phase multimeter with Ethernet




GridVis Professional

Synchronization with measuring devices, configuration of devices, real-time monitoring, graphical display of parameters, monthly report on the consumption of individual measuring points

Benefits of the project

Consumption monitoring

Monitoring / archiving the total and consumption of individual transformers will contribute to the improvement of energy policies and stability in the processes of forecasting consumption for market needs

Improving transparency in energy distribution processes to provide a solid foundation for future efficiency improvements

In the future, the modular platform will provide easy manipulation in case of possible expansion of the number of measuring points

Easy conversion of the installed architecture for metering applications and advanced analysis of electricity quality


All parameters related to consumption are archived in the built-in database, for a period of 15 minutes


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