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Third workshop for development of microprocessor systems part of the project "Technology for you"

Skopje-FEEIT, 5/11/2022 2:17:33 PM


In organization with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies on 09 and 10.05.2022 as a part of our education program we realized the third workshop on development microprocessor systems. The workshop was attended by 30 students and 28 teachers from nine high schools for technical education from Macedonia: SUGS Vlado Tasevski, Skopje; Gjorce Petrov High School, Kriva Palanka; SOTU Gjorgji Naumov, Bitola; SSOU Kole Nedelkovski, Veles; SETU Mihajlo Pupin, Skopje; OSTU Nace Bugjoni, Kumanovo; Riste Risteski Ricko High School, Prilep; High school Gjosho Vikentiev, Kocani; SOSU Ilinden, Skopje; as well as our professional staff together with the professors from FEEIT. The main goal of the workshop is to promote electrical engineering and provide technical and professional support to students and teachers from secondary vocational schools in the country through:

1. Availability of the latest platforms and numerous accessories (modules and sensors) to all students, young technical generations in Macedonia
2. Increasing the interest for: professional subject, teacher, school, education
3. Initialization, for a beautiful path and opportunity in the life of students
4. A logical choice in further education is our faculty FEEIT
The workshop of the project "Technology for you" consists of several activities:
• professional and scientific lectures from several current areas of electrical engineering;
• competition in the field of development microprocessor systems;
• presentation of the high school projects from the current year;
• information on the latest practical technological advances in the field of embedded microcomputer systems.

On the first day, the focus of the lectures was on the concept of open education and the application of machine learning and data science in secondary vocational education intended for teachers. At the same time, students from all schools in a team of two competed in the practical realization of a task from the development programmable systems. On the second day, all schools that are part of the project have a presentation of the practical laboratory exercises they had during the school year using the equipment donated in 2019.

In the competition for Development Microprocessor Systems, the students achieve the following results:

First place - SOTU "Gjorgji Naumov" - Bitola

Second place - OSTU "Nace Bugjoni" - Kumanovo

Third place - SOSU "Ilinden" -Skopje

The best presentation of practical exercises with the equipment that we donated to the schools was the Secondary School "Kole Nedelkovski" from Veles.

This year, we realized this workshop for development of microprocessor systems through the latest production laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies FEEIT-FABLAB

"By organizing the third workshop, our mission of raising awareness of the use of new technologies in everyday life and especially important for us, shaping young minds in the direction of creative thinking and awareness of the limitlessness of their personal potential continues. We want to enable young enthusiasts in electronics and future engineers to be educated and use state-of-the-art equipment with the help of qualified mentors that aims to raise students' personal confidence to the level of thinking that they can do anything! ”

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