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Job advertisement:

1. IT department, Software

IT specialist (software developer)

IT tools are part of our everyday life. You are expected to think of creating new processes and upgrading the existing ones. Your goal is to make easier your colleagues’ and client’s jobs, working to be as much automated as possible and therefore errors and resources (time, manual working) to be minimal.  Your product should have top quality, with no bags, to be fast-no, we expect it to be the fastest, optimized, and the users to enjoy it and when they think that’s it, to be surprised with new better version. Working in this sector looks for courage, innovativeness, creativity and from you maximum will be expected.
Each of the modules in our system (site and inside software) is made from zero, even one row code is not used from other companies, so we can be proud to say that we have modules which are unique with their creativity and innovativeness.

Qualifications and skills:

  • University diploma from IT field. smiley
  • Working experience: min 1 year;
  • Great knowledge and working with ASP.NET C#
  • Great knowledge and working with MS SQL Server 2005/2008;
  • Understanding Windows Server 2008 R2;
  • Knowledge of software developing engineering processes;
  • Knowledge of Web Logic;
  • Understanding Google Analytics;
  • Knowing Delphi programming language will be taken as advantage;
  • Good team player, oriented towards motivating and making trust, respect and collaboration among team players;
  • primary characteristics that we expect every Loging Electronics worker to have

Working tasks:

  • Optimization, development and implementation on web based application with online payment;
  • Active presenting ideas for improving existing software modules;
  • Training colleagues for the changes and upgrades in application software;
  • Managing data bases on MS SQL Server 2005/2008;
  • Maintaining system and application software towards continuous and smooth functions and using by users;
  • Planning and implementing upgrades for the system software;
  • Documenting changes and upgrades in application software;
  • Basic maintaining Borland Delphi application;
  • Generating fast reports in Excel.

What we offer: dynamic environment, fast days, faster months and years. You’ll have a chance to move your possibility limits, to learn everything that is real, to evolve creativity and the results from all that to be seen instantly.

*Testing required. It is obligatory in your application to point projects (site links) and detailed description on what have you worked so far specifically, say as more details as you can. No need to waste time together in the further evaluation process and come to the same information.

If you find yourself in any of these possibilitiesfill the application form.

Number of available working positions: 1 (one)                              Status of the advertisement: Оpen

2. Sales Department

Technical Sales Person

To help our customers must be familiar with our products: Electronic components, materials and multimedia items. If you visit our website you will find a large number of products. You may think that you should know all existing and new ones, but it is not like that. What you must know is the functionality of the product groups, find a products in the system which will find complete information about them. Even then as sales person, with your advice you will help them to choose what they need (and often customers do not know what they need, because technology moves rapidly forward conceivable that it is impossible anyone to follow). Mostly for one problem we have more solutions that you explain and advise the customers how to use, thus technology aimed at facilitating the everyday. The knowledge of English should be at level of conversation. You have to be positive and to transfer our customers confidence that he has the optimum solution, and even if he don`t know how to use the product, he won`t  be left alone! This message should convey to our customer that actually is not a lie, that's exactly right!



  • Mandatory experience in working with computers, Internet, Microsoft office ...;
  • communication, dynamics and flexibility;
  • accuracy, reliability;
  • team-oriented, encouraging and building mutual trust, respect and collaboration among team members;
  • Time management, respecting deadlines;
  • basic knowledge of LOGING Electronics products;
  • driving Licence.

What we offer: Besides knowledge of our products you will have a chance to become familiar with new technological solutions, three-digit number of people that you will contact everyday, dynamic environment.

* Testing required.

Learn the six steps for employment

If you find yourself in any of these possibilitiesfill the application form.

Number of available working positions: 2 (two)                              Status of the advertisement: Оpen

3. Support Department

Support Our products

If you are interested in electronics, microcontrollers, features the hi-tech products, diagnostics, fault solder and soldering of SMD components this is the right position for you. If you want to see results from your hands like things with a sense of satisfaction, this is the right position for you. Our Colleagues will welcome you with open arms because they need you. You are expected to be courageous in work, make the right diagnosis that would solve most of the problem, and the rest is just a routine that requires you to get to see how the product works and confirm it by test all the functionalities. Maintenance of products and services within the warranty period according to our general policy is your responsibility. We expected to close all started tasks on time and get the new, be quite happy to drink beers and stay on feet. Also to  know, that each day is different.



  • team-oriented, but individual in diagnostics;
  • Time management and deadlines;
  • accuracy, reliability;
  • respect for colleagues as part of your habits;
  • professional attitude to work commitments;
  • Mandatory experience in working with computer, Internet ...;
  • driving Licence.

What we offer: a challenge to deal with new technological solutions implemented in our products, predinamichna environment.

* Testing required.

Learn the six steps for employment

If you find yourself in any of these possibilitiesfill the application form.

Number of available working position: 2 (two)                              Status of the advertisement: Closed

4. Other

a) Trainee

Loging Electronics is a company with tradition, but with young spirit, especially dynamic, innovative, led by a team full of energy, ambitious, professional and careful.

AIM: New innovative way in acting at the students, in order to increase their employment, in order to improve their professional skills and abilities to gain working experience, which will prepare them to join the labor market.

Who can apply?

  1. Student, postgraduate
  2. Secondary school student

Your possibilities:

  • >practice in working
  • work in real working environment
  • work in excellent conditions and great atmosphere
  • team work
  • experience exchange
  • tutorage by qualified experts
  • to get certificate for practice

If you can see yourself in any of these possibilities, you can apply for trainee working.
We encourage you to observe, but also to take part, to upgrade yourself, to study from the experts, because everything you can achieve, you can do it with work!

b) In any other group

By the constant development of Loging Electronics, there are always new job positions and we always have necessity of enlarging our team.

Loging Electronics requires talented, smart and hardworking colleagues. If there is not free job position at the moment, we would consider on you during the next job advertisments.
In the Technical department, there is always need for engaging colleagues in order to finish particular projects in the electronics domain.

The Service production department of Loging Electronics is also open to accept young and talented people who want to get practical acknowledgment which cannot be gained  during their studying, to feel the atmosphere and the spirit of a team in real working environment.

Job application.


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*Only selected candidates will be called for an interview and testing.

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