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Skopje, 1/30/2019 2:14:22 PM

Who is this opportunity intended for?

Technical people who have basic practical experience using a thermal imager for different uses: industrial maintenance, diagnostics of buildings and facilities, process measurements etc. and have the need to expand their knowledge in this field.

Way of realization of the seminar?

- The event is moderated by a professionally trained and certified person from Loging Electronics, during one working day. The content of the seminar is prepared according to international intensive programs for training of thermography specialists and is adapted to the technical level of a beginner and/or a standard user of thermography.

The agenda consists of 6 modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to infrared (IR) thermometry
  • Module 2: Thermal imager
  • Module 3: Basics of thermodynamics and heat transfer
  • Module 4: Heat transfer with radiation
  • Module 5: Interpretation of the thermal image and technics of its analysis
  • Module 6: Qualitative and quantitative analysis

What is the purpose of the possibility offered by Loging Electronics?

Expanding the knowledge of thermography STEP AHEAD from the basic Point & Shoot concept;
Obtaining useful information and recommendations through open discussion on the use of thermography.

Your benefits:

  • Reducing the time for analysis and diagnostics, using thermography (improving efficiency);
  • Assessing the impact of all factors to the accuracy of the thermal image;
  • Finding new applications that can be examined by thermography;
  • Tuning the performances of the thermal imager to a specific application;
  • Each participant, upon completion of the seminar, will receive a certificate for participation in the seminar traceable to the international training programs, through the competency of the trainer. Participants will also receive the materials from the seminar.


Which questions are answered?

  • What are the natural properties of materials IR thermometry is based on?
  • What practically emissivity means?
  • What you should know when recording a thermal image?
  • How to use an isotherm and color alarm?
  • Whether and how a thermal imager can be used for a particular need?
  • What a background temperature is?
  • Why will, the different materials heated to the same temperature, be shown with different temperatures by the thermal imager?
  • How is the solar radiation compensated to the thermal imager?
  • How can the temperature of reflective objects (with a shiny surface) be measured?

When the possibility and way of registration is open?

  • Loging Electronics organizes this training on 21.02.2019 (Thursday). 
  • For participation on this seminar, please complete the application form at the following link, no later than 19.02.2019 and we will contact you.
  • In order to provide quality realization of the practical part, the number of participants is limited to 10 people.
  • If the number of participants is already filled, we will contact you at the first following opportunity for realization of such event (the first signed will have priority).
  • All the information and the agenda for this event you can see at the following link.

*For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us to:
tel: 02 3127 345 ext.4

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