Electronic speed Control (ESC)

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Аddition, Electronic Speed Control, ESC, 45A, 5V, 2A
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This is the ElectriFly Silver Series 45A Brushless Electronic Speed Control. Great for larger high performance airplanes. Delivering 45A of continuous current with a built-in Battery Circuit which can handle 2A, this ESC is simple to use and very affordable.



  • Input Voltage: 6-12 cells NiCd/NiMH, 2-4 cells LiPo, (20V input w/o BEC)
  • Output Current: 45A continuous maximum, 50A surge maximum                      
  • Max Output Power: 500 watts                                         
  • ON-resistance: 8mΩ                                           
  • Operating frequency: 16kHz fixed                                    
  • Battery Eliminator Circuit BEC: 5V/2A                                                          
  • Low Voltage Cutoff: Battery voltage x 0.67                           
  • Thermal Cutoff: 110°C                                       
  • Timing Angle: 20°                                                   
  • Brake: ON/OFF
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