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DMM Draexlmaier - Kavadarci

Kavadarci, 1/11/2016 4:04:43 PM

Project Information


System for monitoring of carbon dioxide concentration - CO2


DMM Draexlmaier Manufacturing Macedonia DOOEL

Project Manager:

Kiril Atanasov

Market segment:

Manufacturing of cable sets for the automotive industry

Type of application:

Monitoring of carbon dioxide, alarm notification via SMS and email, archive of measured values

Project description:

The company Draxlmaier within the factory in Kavadarci produces cable sets for automotive industry in Europe. The production of sophisticated equipment requires precise control of the ambient conditions in the production halls in which the company decided to upgrade the existing temperature monitoring system with a system for monitoring the concentration of carbon dioxide - CO2.
In each of the production halls are mounted 2 measuring devices for measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide, a total of 6. One of the measuring devices besides carbon dioxide can measure temperature and relative humidity as addition to the existing air conditioning system. All information using Ethernet communication is sent to the computer where a software is installed for analysis, management and monitoring. For each measuring device alarm limits are set for the maximum concentration, so after overcoming alarms are sent by email to a responsible person. Additionally a GPRS modem is installed for SMS alarms and control of the system operation. With this the company integrated a intelligent and modular system for monitoring of ambient parameters which in the future can be upgraded with different measurement devices depending on the user's need

Type of measuring devices

  Comet T5540 Web sensor for measuring the carbon dioxide concentration up to 2000ppm and Ethernet communication
  Comet T6540 Web sensor for measuring the carbon dioxide concentration up to 2000ppm, temperature and relative humidity withEthernet communication
  Comet GSM KIT-W GSM modem for SMS alarm notification




   Comet CDB Database configuration, parameterisation of the system, alarms configuration, e-mail + SMS alarms, custom application management
   Comet T-Sensor Configuration of measuring devices
   Comet DB Viewer Overview of archived measured parameters, graphical and tabular display of CO2, temperature and humidity, generating  complete reports according to user the needs

Customer benefits

 Monitoring and control: Exact information on the concentration of carbon dioxide, if necessary change  in the operation of central air conditioning in the facility depending on the measured values
 Alarms: Alarm notification via SMS to the authorized person
 Аrchive and reports: Full archive of concentration and the trend of measurement parameters from the moment of  system establishment with reports generation


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