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Free opportunity to expand the knowledge about location of underground cables and pipes.

Skopje, 10/22/2014 12:39:59 PM

To whom is this opportunity for?

- For companies with the following activities:

  • underground recordings and underground Cadastre
  • water supply
  • installation, maintenance and finding defects in underground pipes and cables
  • construction
  • electrical distribution
  • communication services: internet, cable television, telephony

Method of implementation:

  • Expert from LOGING Electronics and expert from Radiodetection with equipment for locating visit your company where will be performed measurements in your environment
  • You will have a free opportunity to solve some current problems or to locate: cable (energy, communications) or metal pipe
  • The typical duration of the event is (1 ÷ 1.5) hours

Equipment that will be practically presented:

  1. Radar for recording the underground infrastructure - RD1000
  2. Tracer for locating and finding defects in cables and pipes - RD8000

What is the goal that LOGING Electronics in collaboration with Radiodetection offers?

  • practical consideration of the technical possibilities of the radar for underground recording
  • gaining useful information on the methods of accurately locating underground cables and pipes with sophisticated locator RD8000

Your benefits:

  • exclusion of damage to underground cables or pipes in construction operations and excavation
  • finding the precise location of a defect in the cable or pipe underground
  • with radar recording to capture a complete picture of the underground infrastructure
  • expanding knowledge of the latest technological solutions implemented in the equipment of world-renowned manufacturer Radiodetection, a leader in the field of recording, tracing and testing the underground infrastructure

When is the possibility of realization and the way of application opened?

  • Loging Electronics in cooperation with Fluke Radiodetection provides this opportunity once a year, usually in October
  • To have the opportunity to be visited please apply on the following link. If the dates are already filled, we will contact you in the next occasion when we will organize this event (in order, the companies that applied first have the advantage)
  • the location of this event is ussualy in your company, but also it is possible in the premises of our company

Previous experiences:

  • Since its beginnings in 2013 until nowadays, there have been held 10 events in the companies in Macedonia
  • more than 50 technicians attended this event and gained concrete answers to many questions about the underground installations
  • view the experiences and the galleries from the previously held workshops on the following link

Do not let underground infrastructure to be a "mystery".


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