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Skopje, 8/18/2018 10:58:05 AM

Delivery of the latest, practical information, based on the modernization of the society through specialized, practical-education


Guided by our mission to raise awareness for the use of new technologies in everyday life, our engineering professionals are constantly educated and take on the experiences from top world manufacturers, providing quick, fresh information about the needs of our society.
Within our education program, based on practical and demonstration events for different target groups in Macedonia, we are implementing educational workshops that process the current technological conditions with the Developmental Microprocessor Systems.


Who is the chance for?

  • Professors who teach technical subjects in high schools in the Republic of Macedonia in the field of digital electronics, microprocessors systems, microcomputers, robotics, etc.

Manner of realization?

  • To sublimate, to provide fresh and practical information from the rapidly growing area of development systems
  • Opening of the surveys to the extent to which this technology is available in this area;
  • Practical insight through demo examples
  • To create concrete ideas for practical exercises in the technical cabinets, which will be implemented in the curriculum for the next school year
  • To young generations who show desire and interest in this small smart devices we encounter in our everyday life, we want:
    - through the prism of practicality, to make interesting the technical subjects;
    - to feel that in Macedonia in regular education they can have an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest trend in microcontrollers;
    - to give them the opportunity to see practically that this is not something wow;
    - to impose an impulse, which will give direction and an opportunity to further develop them in their education
  • The workshop is directly supported by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, where the workshop is taking place into their premises and the professors from their laboratories will take part with practical examples. This indirectly promotes FEIT as a natural opportunity for further education of high school students in Macedonia.


* At FEIT we have a similar project, implemented already for a few years, intended for students.



  • introduction to the platforms and the environment of the development systems: ARDUINO, RASPBERRY, MIKROELEKTRONIKA;
  • practical part with these development platforms;
  • practical part with educational kits;
  • free education for the teaching staff responsible for these processes;
  • Possibility, through the memorandum of cooperation, to define the Specific Topics for Practical Exercises, the Number of Places for Demonstration exercises, the Specification of the Equipment, Donation of the same from us.


When is this possibility open for realization?

The workshop is conducted regularly, once a year, in the second annual quarter, most often at the beginning of June, when:


  • Responsible professors sublimate and present the results of the past school year
  • We see the needs of updating existing topics and exercises
  • We define the needs of new topics and exercises, according to the teachers' annual experience and the innovations from the feild of microcontrollers in the world
  • In this case, the number of demo exercises are confirmed or corrected
  • The specification of the new equipment for the next school year is defined (until the end of July)



Giving a concrete contribution to better education for young people is a social and social responsibility for all of us!

Zlatko Krstevski
General Manager



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