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Emission Control on Small Burners

Skopje, 5/3/2018 11:10:38 AM

Raising awareness of the control on emissions of harmful gases and dust for the protection of the environment


Guided by our mission to raise awareness about the use of new technologies in everyday life, our professionals are constantly educated and take on the experiences of top world manufacturers, providing quick, fresh information about the needs of our society.

Control of Emissions on Small Burners is a result of the needs that were perceived from the previous edition of the expert meeting Measurements on Small Burners, daily public air condition reports, actual needs derived from the field through direct contact with stakeholders.

Who is this opportunity for?

  • Companies specialized in measuring and controlling emissions of harmful gases and dust
  • Technical personnel that install, service and maintain heating boilers
  • Manufacturers of boilers
  • Chimney Services
  • Stakeholders from the commercial, residential and industrial segment

Manner of realization?

  • expert from Loging Electronics together with MRU expert with specialized equipment visit boiler room with pellet burners, extra light fuel, gas, coal, etc.
  • in the work environment you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest simple technology solutions for practical measurement on small burners
  • the measurement will cover all aspects (O2, СО, СО2, Nox) that can be used to manage emissions of harmful gases
  • you will see the combustion parameters of the burner that can be operated
  • the typical duration of the event is (4.5 ÷ 5) hours

What is the purpose of the workshop that Loging Electronics offers in cooperation with MRU?

  • raising awareness for the management of emissions of harmful gases and dust for the protection of the environment
  • to show that the emissions of harmful gases and dust from the most commonly used fuels in the burners in our country can be managed
  • to show the optimum operating point in which the burner is at least polluting (has the smallest emission)

Your benefits:

  • perceiving the real causes of pollution
  • expanding the knowledge that is a regular practice in organized countries
  • availability in one place: combustion> measurement> setup
  • practically to see how bad or well the combustion can be through the measurement of emissions
  • introduction to the method and instruments for measuring the emission of dust
  • direct energy saving by increasing the efficiency of the burner
  • each participant will receive a certificate and materials from the event after the workshop

Which questions are answered?

  • burning pellets, extra light fuel, gas, etc. and what are the expected products from their combustion?
  • what you need to know about the burner before the start of the measurement?
  • how do (by measuring) the emissions look, depending on the air supply and fuel in the burner?
  • what are the limit cases and what are the emissions?
  • what should be taken into account in measuring the dust in the emission?
  • how long it takes to measure to determine the exact value of emissions in pellet burning processes?
  • how much does the optimum combustion obtained by measuring and setting the burner reduces the emission of harmful gases?
  • what are the limit values ​​of allowed emissions of harmful gases and dust in Macedonia?
  • how to make a measurement report?
  • how long does it take to measure dust in the emission, what is the result and how is it evaluated?

When is the opportunity for realization and the manner of applying open?

  • Loging Electronics in cooperation with MRU gives this opportunity annually, most often in March or October
  • To have a chance to participate, please log into the following  link, If the terms are already filled in, we will contact you in the first next organization of this event (in the order of the first registered companies, they have an advantage)

Previous experiences:

How our last such workshop went through is here

To make a contribution to a cleaner air and environment for all of us and our future generations by emphasizing the importance of introducing regulations and responsibilities for monitoring emissions from small burners up to 1MW.




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