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Swisslion Agroplod - Resen

Resen , 10/27/2015 9:40:22 AM

Project Information


System for monitoring of electricity consumption and power quality  - EnMS


Swisslion Agroplod - Resen

Project Manager:

Goce Markovski

Market segment:

Food industry

Тype of application:

Monitoring the consumption of individual electrical consumers, monitor the quality of the power supply system, opportunities for integration of other energy resources (natural gas)

Project description:

Swisslion is an empire in the production of quality and healthy food. The application of modern technologies and top knowledge, and continuous process improvement, demands high standards in the business, living and working in Swisslion. SL tehnology is a symbol and guarantee of high quality and technology, the production of natural and healthy food with controlled origin of raw materials and perfect taste, that is a symbol of modern and highly automated technology.
Macedonian company owns two manufacturing facilities, one in Skopje and Resen.
At the factory in Resen it was installed a monitoring system for consumption and quality of electricity based on equipment of the manufacturer Janitza. The imperative of the project to make a centralized archive for all measuring points in both electricity substations and all power lines required by project documentation. Both transformers were added to the optical network and available reliable links with high capacity. The used devices guarantees additional security through the built-in memory that can record data for a period of 1 year without having to do synchronization with the server. The system has capability for future expansion, and the possibility to upgrade the measurement of gas consumption in one of its next stages.

Тype of measuring devices

  Janitza UMG508       Power analyzer on the main power supply
  Janitza UMG96RM-CBM       Three phase multimeter for measurements on power line
  Janitza UMG96RM-E       Three phase multimeter for measurements on power line


   Ethernet и modbusRTU  


   GridVis Service Device configuration, real-time monitoring, graphic parameter display, monitoring the consumption and power quality, generating daily and weekly electricity consumption reports, generating daily and weekly power quality reports

Customer benefits

 Monitoring of electricity parameters: Energy consumption visualization, monitoring of instantaneous power, consumption and voltage quality at the two main transformers.
 Аrchive: All parameters related to the consumption of electrical energy, power and standard analysis of voltage fluctuations (surges, undervoltages, transients).
 Analysis of consumers: The system for monitoring consumption will show how it is distributed the electrical energy in factory to be able to see real possibilities for saving.


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