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Mermeren Kombinat Sivec, Prilep

Prilep, 10/27/2015 9:18:12 AM

Project Information


System for monitoring of electricity consumption and power quality  - EnMS


Mermeren Kombinat Sivec - Prilep

Project Manager:

Тome Ivanovski

Market segment:


Тype of application:

Monitoring the power and consumption

Project description:

Mermeren Kombinat - a company that is consisted of two facilities: Sivec mine, where marbl quality raw material is quarruied and marble processing factory for the construction industry.
For the purposes of mine SIVEC and with the support of project management for industrial USAID, the company installed a system for monitoring of energy consumption and power quality. This system solution covers consumers (motors) in the plant for processing the marble. The aim of the solution is to provide information on the rated load of the individual machines in order to make a correlation with the current quantities of marble material in the production line (marble mass).
Because the plant for crushing the marble is located in a hilly area, in order to establish a communication with the administrative building, which is about 400m below it was installed high reliability RF link.
The system solution is conceptualized to have a backup in case of a link failure or malfunction of computer server so that the data recording is done in devices memory, and then after establishing the link, it is transferred to the database server.

Тype of measuring devices

  Janitza UMG604       Power analyzer on the main power supply
  Janitza UMG96RM-CBM       Three phase multimeter for measurements on power line


   Ethernet and modbusRTU  


   GridVis Basic Device configuration, real-time monitoring, graphic parameter display, monitoring the consumption and power quality, generating daily and weekly electricity consumption reports, generating daily and weekly power quality reports.

Customer benefits

 Monitoring of electricity parameters: Monitoring of instantaneous power, consumption and voltage quality at the main transformer
 Аrchive: Analysis of consumption and statistics, record of all measured parameters in an internal database
 Analysis of consumers: By using the established system, the company will have an information for the current load of individual motors depending on the amount of raw material that is in the manufacturing process. This achieves optimal power consumption, and longer service life of the equipment (motors) by protecting them from overloading



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